My nephew Caleb is special.


Caleb's Mailbox

His superpowers are The Best Hugs in the World AND finding M&Ms no matter where you hide them.

But Caleb has a problem: it’s near ’bout impossible to figure out what to buy the kid during gift-giving seasons like birthdays and Christmas.

He’s just not into things.


We could learn a thing or two from Caleb.

But his parents are wise ones and they’ve come up with the PERFECT gift for his 16th birthday, coming up a week from today. You see, his favorite chore is getting their mail–he loves to read the names and deliver the envelopes. My sweet sister-in-law’s Facebook page shares her gift idea that will bring Caleb great joy and delight, and she’s inviting you (yes, you!) to be a part:

thought how fun it would be for him to get birthday wishes in the mail all this month! If you have time and would like to send him a simple note (with simple sentences), I know he would be thrilled to read them all! Please make sure to write your name in the return address. He loves to read the envelopes and people’s names too. Thank you for taking the time to bless Caleb!


Caleb has been learning his states this year, and since I have readers from all over the country, my birthday wish for Caleb is to have a note or card from EVERY state!


Please say you’ll send him your love? If you do, will you let me know by leaving a note in comments mentioning your state? Also, would you share this post with family or friends living in states not yet mentioned and invite them to gift Caleb his wish? (The share buttons below make it easy to Pin, Tweet, share on Facebook, G+ or even to email to others.). Even if you see your home state, don’t let that stop you from sending him a quick note or card anyway–he’ll be happy dancin’ regardless.

Send all mail through the end of May to: Caleb Dance, 104 Carolina Cup, Belton, SC 29627. (IMPORTANT: Even if you stumble across this later, Caleb will ALWAYS welcome friends to his mailbox. Just because his birthday month comes to an end doesn’t mean his affection for snail mail stops! In fact, it might even be MORE special!!)


(And thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m thrilled knowing how HAPPY Caleb must be every time he checks the mail.)

Caleb's Mailbox Collage

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