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Inspired by Google Doodles



Posted by on May 30, 2012 |

Fabrege Egg Google Doodle

An Ode to Google Doodles

They're King of the World

Alexa says so

Much to Mark Z-berg's chagrin.

I've figured it out, I know what it takes

For Google to squeak out this win.

  First Day of Spring Google Doodle 2012

Hot in pursuit, top ten on the list:

Facebook and You Tube and Wiki

Amazon, Yahoo, Twitter, three more–

Oh, the internet's web is so sticky!

Grandparents Day Google Doodle

'S'not just about brains

the others have those

#1 demands that you're clever.

Creative and artsy, yes these are a must

if you stand a chance whatsoever.

  Teacher's Day google doodle

So, why is it Google sits on the throne

the King of internet traffic?

I'm convinced it's their doodles, they make searching FUN–

Brilliance captured in graphic!

   Anna Pavola Google Doodle

: : : : : : : : : : : 

Sometimes interactive, often historical, occasionally cryptic but always witty or whimsical, Google Doodles make me smile.  I'm always a little disappointed when it's the plain ol' Google search box, but I suppose it makes me appreciate doodle brilliance all the more.

It's the little things…right?  

Do you have a favorite doodle that made a lasting impression?  Search through the Google Doodle museum and share your favorites!!

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The funniest thing you’ll see this week



Posted by on Sep 14, 2010 | 4 comments

OhMyLanta…THIS had me rollin’ on the floor laughin’ body parts off!  Dilbert FTW!  

But it begs the question:  is it “defriend” or “unfriend“???

Dilbert on Social Media by Scott Adams  

Seen any other funny cartoons or strips tongue-in-cheeking social media?  Do share links in comments…these make me happy!

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Laundry & lines & suds & such



Posted by on Aug 3, 2010 | 2 comments

I love my hometown; though it was never as small, it’s Mayberry to me.

A few weeks ago I went back to celebrate my niece’s first birthday.  Since my parents aren’t living, it’s not a trip I make often enough.

Walking though Five Points, I relish the places that remain untouched by time.  A critical eyebrow raises at anything new and shiny.

The laundromat’s open door was a magnet, and immediately I was drawn to these lines.  Aren’t they gorgeous??

Black and white laundromat


I wasn’t seeing this in color…I was seeing it in black and white.



My sister is used to my photography insanity by now; she didn’t blink an eye when I was compelled to shoot washers and dryers.  Maybe because as a mother who’s washed a squillion loads, she wants to SHOOT washers and dryers!


Memory fails me; I can’t remember if this place was here when I was a little girl traipsing up and down Lumpkin Street.


But that doesn’t matter.  It felt like home.

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I’m Twitter-ambivalent…are you?



Posted by on Apr 4, 2009 | 17 comments

Art continues to imitate life as Twitter remains a target. 

My favorite recent comic–

Non Sequitur on Twitter

And a few snippits from Pultizer Prize winning columnist Leonard Pitts on why he won't Twitter his life away

"When I first heard of this latest advance (?) in interpersonal
communication, I pegged it as a fad that would be big among high school
and college students — i.e., young people, who frequently have the
attention span of a squirrel on cocaine. Last week's presidential
speech to a joint session of Congress shows how wrong I was."

"In the '90s, you often heard people complain of how memoir writers
and afternoon talk shows had turned our public spaces into a communal
confessional, intimate secrets once necessary for whispering now
shouted into the ether like an order at a fast-food joint. Ten years
later, we are not just sharing secrets; we are sharing lives. And not
the good parts, either, but the banal, the mundane, the everyday.

darned if I can see the fascination. I mean, I'm not surprised that
technology allows this. But I am surprised that people — by the
thousands — buy in to it."

"Indeed, you have to wonder if, as communication becomes ever easier, we
have not gone in the opposite direction, crossing the point of
diminishing returns as we did. More people have more ways to reach more
people than at any point in history. But it turns out — read a message
board or an unsolicited email, if you don't believe me — many of us
don't have a whole lot to say. Unless, that is, you find some socially
redeeming value in banality, cruelty and crudity, which have become

Thoughts?  Agree, disagree?

Click through to see 100 beautiful twitter icons

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When art imitates life, twitter-style



Posted by on Mar 2, 2009 | 64 comments

Doonesbury comic about twitter

Hmmm…if I'm not mistaken, I think Doonesbury doth mocketh twitter.  Infidel!

Are you on twitter?  If so, how 'bout leave your best pitch or explanation for it in comments.  Not on twitter?  In comments, tell me why or ask questions.  I'd love for both sides to weigh in! 

Don't even know what twitter is?  Well, now… bless…your…heart…😉

HT:  Carol, She Lives, who heard it first from @webmaster_ref

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Posted by on Jul 16, 2008 | 10 comments

The past t40orlessatpensieveltgreenouches the future in a grandfather’s loving touch.  In an ideal world, the influence of grandparents shapes and gives flight to a child’s dreams and imaginations in ways never intended for parents themselves.  I suppose I romanticize the notion of grandparents–though I only knew my father’s mother, we were close before her death, and when I dream of "home", the house is hers. 

This sculpture, aptly named "Grandfather", is found outside Rembrandt’s in the Bluff View Arts District of Chattanooga.  It is one of my all-time favorite pieces of art. 


We had opportunity to visit during our Sunday afternoon stroll.   Be sure to click the photo for an alternate angle

Would you like to take part in this week’s "Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge".  Click the badge or link for details, and should you decide to join in (and I hope this picture will entice you), be sure to check back here Friday to link your entry.

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