The oh-so-witty haikus commented by a few of you brought joy, peace and harmony to the innermost parts of my being.  Thank you dear ticklers of my funny bone.  It gives me new appreciation for Shannon, though, who had to weed through hundreds for a recent contest–I had a hard time narrowing down my choices ’cause EVERYONE gave me reason to smile.  The entries that made me giggle out loud?  These three go home with the free (coupons for) Weight Watchers Golden Sponge Cakes:

My husband loves sweets.
but needs to lose the middle.
give us the sponge cakes.
Naomi in Ohio  (Awww, isn’t Naomi sweet?  She just wants to "h e l p" her husband…she needed to win, right?  For HIS sake ;).)

This is a hold-up!
Hand over the spongecake and
no one will get hurt!
~ Kelley the Jewelry Lady  (**snort**  Why am I picturing a Saturday Night Live skit?  Christopher Walken and Will Ferrel could go old school on this.  Or Belushi…GIVE ME BELUSHI!!)

Numbers, more numbers
Calories, carbs, grams of fat
Pointilism is art.
~ Sandy (Wicket schmart!  Sandy scores bonus points for her double entendred use of neo-impressionism!)

Send me your snail mails girlieQs :).

Thanks to all and I can’t wait to do something like this again!! 

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