Vintage Mod Red alarm clock Before it should have mattered, my youngest noticed Time.  Before he could even tell it, he was obsessed with it.  

His insatiable need-to-know about plans and schedule for, well… anything… bordered on O/C.  He didn't stop at asking once, either; he'd have to verify later.  Then usually one more time just to make sure nothing had changed. 

As he got older, he'd ask until my voice agitated and raised, but that was probably for sport.  It eventually led to my need for special "shampoo" to wash away the question-induced grays (or at least that's my I'm-sticking-to-it story 😉 ).  The upside is he does his part to make sure we're never late.  For anything.

It's not just about time itself, but also pattern.  When 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc. flicker in digital, it becomes cause for exclamation; 12:34 is cause for downright celebration.  

So my latest discovery should come as no surprise:  he admitted to my husband over the weekend that his cellphone alarm is set nightly for 10:05.  Why you ask?  Because he doesn't want to miss–and wants time to get ready for–


  1. I wonder what he means by "get ready"….
  2. Gosh, I like a kid who knows how to celebrate the Little Things.
  3. My heart Christmas-morning-Grinch-swelled three sizes.
  4. The kid has a future with Omega (just ask Michael Phelps regarding his win over Milorad Cavic).

Revised:  Mission ACCOMPLISHED!! 🙂


Your turn:  What are your children's quirks or idiosyncrasies that both drive you to the brink of insanity and endear them even more to you?  



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