Harry and Sally and Jess and Marie

When Harry Met Sally is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Between her 80s hair, my beloved Bermudas and knee socks, and her incessant need to reconstruct EVERY MENU SHE’S EVER READ, I could BE Sally.

Everyone remembers the “Diner scene.” Hands down, that has got to be one of the funniest, most memorable scenes ever to come out of Hollywood.  But another restaurant scene captured my attention–then, and still now–the awkward double date attended by Harry and Sally and their friends Jess and Marie.

A few seconds into this scene, Marie quotes an article she read without realizing Jess was its author.  Take a minute to watch–

Recently I was at a meeting catered by Apron Strings Catering Co., the same group who provided heavy hors d’oeuvres at the I hosted back in October.  Upon meeting Doug (in corporate sales for Chattanooga) I mentioned the connection, explaining that was the only other time I had had the pleasure of eating their food; the sense memory was STILL so strong, I gushed like a smitten Justin Bieber fan.

Doug graciously accepted my sycophantic rant and went on to tell me how grateful he was for “their [Therapon’s] write-up after the event.”  He explained, “We liked what they said about us so much, we added a few lines to our website.” I was wondering what Christina had sent him as he began reaching for words–“they said we were a ‘culinary gem’…” upon where I rudely interrupted and said, “THAT SOUNDS LIKE SOMETHING I’D SAY!”  Right then, right there, I opened my laptop, searched my own blog, and sure ‘nough, there it was in !! (scroll down to food picture)

“It was me!” I declared, beyond thrilled someone just quoted something I had written.  “It’s just like that scene in “When Harry Meets Sally,” and of course, I’m talking about the one I’ve share here.  Doug looked at me kind of funny but right at that moment someone else stepped in to introduce himself and we never finished our conversation.

Then it occurred to me…Doug isn’t a writer; he probably doesn’t even remember the scene to which I was referring.  Instead, he’s thinking about the infamous diner scene and wondering…

What in THE world did we serve at that Face2Face event?!


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