So what’s the story behind my current tagline?  Nothing saucy or salacious…just a hat tip to one ofCasual_pile
my college roomies who I haven’t talked to in a thousand years and has no idea I blog (note to self…track Diane down…).  She was one of my bridesmaids but we lost contact at least ten years ago.  Funny, the things that stick with you.  This line always made me smile.  Still does.

"I’m gonna slap you naked and hide your clothes" was her standard response if she didn’t like something you said or did.  Thankfully, I never did earn a slap…  Another one of her quips was "You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny;" my wry and irreverent response quickly stopped her in her tracks the first or second time she used the line with me:  "I don’t HAVE a mother…".   People just don’t know WHAT to do with that….

I was having internet connection problems the other day and I called our provider’s helpline.   Chris asked where I lived and I told him, and while we waited for things to queue up, I asked where he was located (turn about is fair play, as far as I’m concerned).  He was in Austin, Texas, and I mentioned there were a couple of cyberpals in my blog community who live in Austin.  I PROMISE I wasn’t going fishing for anything, but he asked for my URL, and since I’ve never committed it to memory, I told him if he googled PENSIEVE, he’d find me…not the Blogger site, but TypePad. 

Well, he did…and I was surprised I was EMBARRASSED!  Shy about a customer service tech "reading me" while he was helping me–lol.  I felt naked and exposed, which contrary to what you might think, are two entirely different things.  He asked what the deal was with that line…….and I was even more embarrassed.  He probably thought I was one of those sick, twisted, scary people who create very freaky search strings, NONE of which I’ll mention here (although I was a bit concerned by the "Irish serial killers" search that led someone to my blog), or maybe he was hoping a pensieve was some kind of subversive word for nekkid people, especially BECAUSE of the tag line.  Who knows?  He sounded nice enough and seemed to accept my (lame) explanation.


To all my caramel machiatto-, hot chocolate- and coffee-drinking pals, I just HAD to post this YUMALCIOUS picture I saw over at one of my favorite blogmates, E-mom (aka Chrysalis).  Doesn’t it leave you wanting Spring to hold off a bit longer so you can enjoy the warmth of a delicious mug of something "joe"?  Mmmm…now THAT’S the kind of thing that does a body good…and soul, too ;).

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