Bethany, aka Ice Cream Mama explains this week's Fun Monday challenge ~

As host of Inside the Actor's Studio, James Lipton interviews some of today’s most popular personalities.  The show has three parts. The first part consists of a one on one interview in front of a live audience (so much better than a dead one).  The final part is a Q & A with audience members asking the questions.

The second part is my favorite and is also next THIS week’s Fun Monday challenge.

James Lipton presents the audience with ten questions.  Bethany asked FM bloggers to answer these same questions for this week's challenge.  

What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt?

OPI Color namer, chef in my own restaurant, sommelier, Sea World dolphin trainer, Paula Deen's or Rachel Ray's sidekick, journalist, sex therapist and/or marriage counselor, physical therapist, social worker, Disney imagineer…hehe, I'm not kidding on ANY of these :).

What is your favorite word?

Right off the bat, an unanswerable question :/.  I love the word "love" because it encompasses SO many meanings, I love them all ;).  I guess a close second would be "forgive" and any derivative of that.

What is your least favorite word?

Good~bye (much easier than my "favorite" word)

What turns you on (creatively, spiritually or emotionally)?

I guess I'm reading this as what kinds of things inspire you…as a sensual, passionate person (get your minds out of the gutter), many things "get me going"… music (since I just finished this confounded thing, of course that's on my mind!), the beauty, magnificence, enormity and sometimes subtlety of creation (ocean, waterfalls, lightning bugs, a bird in flight, a flower…), "epiphanous moments" in my faith, h e a r i n g and understanding Scripture in a way I never have before….and (your minds may wander to the gutter) my husband.

What turns you off?

Arrogance, superficiality, bad breath, excuses (a victim mentality), mean-spiritedness :(.

What is your favorite curse word?

Ummmm….crap or $#!+, depending on how bad the traffic is O:)

What sound or noise do you love?

A heavy rain or violent thunderstorm and the waves crashing on the beach!!!!

What sound or noise do you hate?

Whining children (mine or others) and when a car in my vicinity is playing their music SO LOUDLY I can FEEL IT! >:(

What profession would you not like to attempt?

Butcher (bloody raw meat–YUCK!), poultry processor (salmonella and see previous), pilot (that hating to fly thing), telemarketing (phone phobia), CPA (I'm WAAAYYYY to a.d.d. to professionally play with numbers), professional bungee jumper or hang glider.

If Heaven exists, What would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Well done…. :)   

HEY GUYS!!  I'M THE HOST FOR NEXT WEEK'S FUN MONDAY!!!  HOPE Y'ALL WILL JOIN IN WHAT WILL BE A VERY FUN FUN MONDAY!  I'll tell ya tomorrow what the theme will be and new friends are invited to join us, too!

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