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How does my garden grow?
{Without much help from ME!}
Fun Monday!



Posted by on Aug 9, 2009 | 16 comments

6a00d8341d0e2c53ef0120a4c925ce970b-320wi A thousand years ago, I was an active participant in Fun Monday; back then, I felt the need to visit, read and comment to every participant, and when it reached mid double digits in participation, I burned out and dropped out for the most part.  It was a great community for a long time and I always enjoyed crossing paths with a familiar group of people. 

This week one of my first blog friends is hosting.  I just published pictures that fit her theme "Show something from your garden", so I told her I'd join in.  It's not too late to add your offering to her list, and be sure to check out the history of Fun Monday–it might just be right up your alley!!


Yesterday I was weeding a flower bed when I reached for a clump of green that did not belong in "that spot" and I came finger-to-face with this little fella. In spite of the fact I'm a trillion times larger than he is…I still squealed like a banshee.

green grasshopper

Then, I promptly ran inside and grabbed my camera like any respectable blogger/photographer.


I think he's part chameleon, don't you? 


Fun Monday!

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Flies on my brain



Posted by on Jan 5, 2009 | 14 comments

child Head
Are you finding it disconcerting that Orwell’s “1984” isn’t so far-fetched?  When it was published in the 40s could he have possibly imagined the possibility of a very real Big Brother (via satellite surveillance)?!
I thought about that last night when watching a segment on “60 Minutes”–How Technology May Soon ‘Read’ Your Mind.  The “Thought Police” have already begun their work; the ramifications will be far-reaching and I can’t decide whether or not ultimately it’s a good thing.
Time will tell…it always does.

A more direct route to knowing what someone is thinking is simply to ask!  As host of this week’s Fun Monday, that’s exactly what Faye at Summit Musings has done as she asks “What’s on your mind as we close out 2008 and begin 2009? Large and small….”  

Though I’ve taken a sabbatical from participating in Fun Monday–in spite of maintaining its history–I thought this would be…well…fun to answer.  These are a few noises in my head as I begin the new year:
  • Obviously, my father.  As I approach the anniversary of his death (two years ago January 8th), I find myself quietly thinking about him…a lot.
  • My children.  My daughter is half-way through her sophomore year in high school; my BABY is in middle school!  How can I make the MOST of the time I have left with them living full time under our roof?  There’s a sense of urgency about this in my heart and mind–five minutes ago they were born; in five minutes they’ll have graduated.
  • My faith.  During the past year a new friend and our kinda-sorta interim pastor (a long story)  has really challenged my thinking.  He has this amazing gift of preaching conviction without condemnation; I’ve never heard that tension expressed so encouragingly.  Joe makes me want to know Jesus more intimately, to love him more devotedly, and to share the hope of the gospel with those who don’t know it.  My prayer is that you’d see less of Robin and more of Christ as I learn what it means to die to self and allow him to live through me.  What a compelling mystery!
  • Doing more with less so we can do more for others.  2008 brought with it a heightened concern for the needs of others, both globally and closer to home.  Working with Seth on promoting The Mother Letter Project, I eventually stumbled across The Advent Conspiracy (if you haven’t watched this video yet, pleasePLEASE click it now!).  Its message affected the way I celebrated Christmas, and it continues to shape my thoughts now.  Warning:  you can’t walk away from watching the video and not be affected….
  • Blogging.  A squillion things here, so let’s knock out a few bullet points:

~ Attending BlissDom ’09 (I cannot wait to moderate the panel Shannon and Melanie will be speaking on–we have the first Apprentice session of the conference!  Guys, if you ever thought about attending a blogging conference, this is an EXCELLENT venue and there’s still about 80 spots left–but they’re going fast, so HURRY!)

~ Cleaning up my blog (a redesign?)

~ Constructing a decent About Page

~ More consistent response to my precious commentors and readers!

~ Re-engaged in and support of the community

~ Continued vision-casting and development of Inspired Bliss

~ More frequent posts submitted for Blog Nosh

~ Fine-tuning knowledge and use of social media

This list is endless, but these things are a start :).

  • Returning to work.  Full time?  Part time?  Free lancing?  I’m not sure what this return to work outside the home will look like, but I’m excited about the possibilities.  My background is in public relations, marketing, advertising and writing (is that really a surprise?), so in a very real sense, both directly and indirectly, I’ve been able to use that skill set in blogging and related online activities.

I’m skipping into 2009 with an air of expectancy and eagerness; I don’t think I’ll be disappointed :).

Feel free to link a post of your own for Fun Monday
or be sure to share what’s on YOUR mind in comments!
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Greater love



Posted by on Sep 8, 2008 | 20 comments

Twenty-three years and a lifetime ago, she made a choice that has haunted her every day since.  It was paradox, really, the ultimate in self-preservation and narcissism yet simultaneously, extreme sacrifice.  At the time, she only understood how it would serve her; how it would allow her the indulgence to live out the fairytale life she had constructed to counter the nightmare she lived instead.  To outsiders, she was living a fabled existence, but those within the Disney-manicured gardens and stuccoed walls knew better–lies, deceit, inconsistencies, and poison-tipped word-daggers that left invisible scars.  Years later, she finally lifted the veil to realize her motive had been undefinable love, the hope of more for someone who had nothing to give her in return.  A love that only intensified with time, not based on merit or emotion but just because.  A love that might only be met with disgust or contempt or anger or perhaps worst of all, indifference.  Soon she would know:  in 72 minutes, for the first time since his arrival, she would see her firstborn son.

Ack!  I don’t know how to write fiction!!  But, just like all you non-poets who step out on thin ice to write poetry for Pensieve’s Poetic License (or even Friday’s 40), I’m venturing into unchartered waters for Woodlandmama’s (A Monkey in the Wrong Tree) Fun Monday theme.  She’d love to have you join in–write your own "unusual love story", then comment to her so she can add you to the list!

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Three Favorites



Posted by on Aug 11, 2008 | 27 comments

Three of my favorite people in the universe and conveniently three of my all-time favorite pictures ~


First born

Kiawah Island Playground
June 1995, Night Heron Park on Kiawah Island

The Middle Child

A little cowboy
Our back deck, Summer 1996.  Cowboy to the core, loyal to his best friends Woody and Buzz; they rarely left his side for years.

My Baby
(no matter his age)

The one that didnt get away

Neighborhood pond, May 2005.  This might not qualify as “Deadliest Catch”, but it’s the one that hooked him on fishing.  Thank goodness a) it wasn’t the one that got away, and b) my husband had a cell phone and called me to “BRING THE CAMERA–QUICK!”.

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Reverse party-stalsis



Posted by on Jul 14, 2008 | 17 comments


One of the most frequent keyword phrases leading searchers to my blog includes the words "40th birthday"; googlers land on my "Fabulous 40th Birthday Gift" post, and truly, if you're looking for a memorable, meaningful gift, it's something you should consider (it doesn't have to be a 40th gift, it could be ANY milestone birthday or even wedding anniversaries). 

My husband falls into the camp of "hates surprises"; while, normally I respect his wishes, for his 40th birthday, I decided a surprise party was just what he needed (by "he needed" what I really mean is "what I wanted").  Pulling off a surprise party is always a bit tricky, but this is how I managed it:

A REVERSE party–instead of us walking into a suspicious venue, the party came to HIM.

The cover story was friends invited us over for a quiet dinner to mark the occasion (not to do "anything" would've been even more suspicious).  Because my husband is a snooper and a sniffer (he'll lift the pot lids to see what's simmering), Theresa actually had bullion boiling on the stove to give the illusion of something cooking; I can't remember now, but she also had "fake food" in the oven.  The real stash–a spread I had snuck and spent two days preparing in our church's kitchen–was hidden out of sight.

We arrived, their table was "set and ready" for us, and as predicted, Tad lifted the simmering pot lid as we chatted in their kitchen.  Sometimes, predictability serves you well.

After what seemed FOREVER, it was time for "dinner"; about that time (and on cue), the front doorbell rang.  In walked a motley crew of party hat-wearing, noise maker-blowing, balloon-carrying well wishers.

And yes, he was surprised :).  Later, he even admitted he was a bit disappointed a few more couples hadn'tScan0001_3 been there when we arrived to join us for "dinner", confirmation the party–reverse or otherwise–was a good idea after all. 

I don't have photos from the actual party, but I've included some scans of his "40th Birthday Book" that weren't included with the pages published on my previous post.

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My promise to you: I will never again post a picture as ugly as this!



Posted by on Jul 7, 2008 | 21 comments


Flakey, dusty, crusty, glassy-eyed stuffed fish makes for some fine blogging, no?

A c t u
a l l y, this is not the photo I wanted to post in response to Olive’s Fun Monday challenge; the one I wanted to share is stinkin’ adorable, and in my mind’s eye, one of my favorite all-time pictures/mom memories EVAH.

It’s Stephen, with his Big Catch. 

Only I can’t find the picture :(…in any of our digital folders or truckloads of prints.  It’s "somewhere", but for now I’ve wasted enough daylight looking for it.

Instead, I offer you my husband’s Big Catch.  It used to live in a pond; now it lives in our garage–where all stuffed, dead fish SHOULD live (and more power to the women who allow the likes of such hung on their walls…like my friend Tammy, who’s not a blogger, but who IS probably reading this.  Except she has about a dozen?  more??  deer/elk/moose/bison/hairy beasts hanging on the walls of her home.  She’s a good wife.).

And my Big Catch?  A)  It wasn’t exactly fishy, B) it was a saltwater "catch", C) and the "Big" part is in quantity, not size.  Does this count (click then scroll to end for the piccha)??

Pop over to Olive’s for more Fun Monday (and I’m certain, truer to her theme) Fish Tales.   

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