Karmyn, home to "Dreaming What Ifs", is host for this week’s Fun Monday.  She "asked everyone to show us their crafty side….post something that was
handmade….junior high shop table, scrapbook pages, burnt meatloaf,
knitting projects, muffins, whatever…."

A thousand years ago, I was very crafty… I’ve tried just about everything at least once, from knitting at swim meets (the season ended, so did my scarf, which looked more like a coaster), to a weekend scrapbooking retreat with friends (I got a few Disney pages done…that was the end of that!), I even sewed a pair of mint green shorts once (got as far as the zipper, never made it to the waistband).  As I write this, I realize I’m pretty doggone good at starting projects, but alas, that daggum same A.D.D. propensity I have when cleaning apparently rears its ugly head when crafting, too.  Hmmmm, hadn’t noticed that before I saw it in black and stinkin’ white.  The one thing I was able to start AND finish was cross-stitching–I started in high school and continued into my early years of marriage, but everything I made was given to someone else.  Now, I wish we had something I had completed…

Movin’ on….

When I finally had children, I was in craft nirvana!  I had an excuse for playing with glitter and glue and squiggly eyes, oh, my!  I loved being the "craft girl" at Vacation Bible School.  Somewhere along the way, though, as my babies grew out of that phase, so did I.  I’m not very crafty anymore, if I do anything, it’s gotta be fast and easy to complete.

Enter stamping :).

My friend Paige found a very sneaky way to introduce me to the art of making hand-stamped cards.  She gave me some.  Not once, but twice.  Wascally wabbit…!  I noticed on the back of them she had made them (a personalized "Paige" stamp told me so), so I asked her about them.  She invited me to a "free" workshop, and $$$ of dollars later, I was in the cult.  For five minutes, I was even a Stampin’ Up demonstrator,  but then my father’s health declined and I was otherwise occupied, so it was short lived.

What I discovered was priceless:  instant craft gratification!!  You can make a card in MINUTES and there’s always a "wow" factor!  People love to receive these cards; they make lovely, original gifts.  But the most wonderful discovery was how much Rachel and I loved doing this together.  She was around 13 when we started, so it wasn’t as if I had to do the work for her; we simply sat side-by-side and worked at the same time.   Conversation flows naturally and because we’re learning that her love language is "quality time", it speaks that, too. 

Here are a few cards I’ve made in the past.  It’s been a while since I stamped anything new…right now, our stamp room is covered in photographs–literally–because I’m going to get those organized if it kills me (which it dang well might)(but at least they’ll be in order before I meet my unfortunate demise). 



Here are a few that are pretty cool; the first one "toggles" the stamp side, then the sentiment; the second one is called a "waterfall" and as you pull the ribbon tab down, the square stamped cut outs cascade down.




Thanks for visiting my Fun Monday post.  Unless you’re posting Sunday (like me), I won’t be able to see yours until I return from Washington.  While most of you are blog hoppin’ to all the FM craftsmen, I’ll be on a bus with a bunch of 14 year olds headed to our Nation’s Capitol.  I hadn’t decided whether or not I’d take my laptop for a break from the madness, but then Ree mentioned a little contest she’s having, and daggum it….I get twitchy if I don’t play along.  For some reason she wouldn’t reschedule to accommodate me, imagine that!


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