This week’s Fun Monday hostess is Nikki who blogs at "My Husband Calls Me Weird".  Since she had two weeks between the previous Fun Monday and this week’s, she asked participants to be good deed doers and then write about it; nothing from the past, she wanted CURRENT acts of kindness.

When I read this idea, I LOVED it!  The thought of millions thousands dozens of bloggers doing something for the benefit of others, perhaps more so than they would have otherwise, seemed worthy…important…positive.

Here’s the thing, though:  while I’ll enjoy reading about what OTHERS have been doing for the good of their fellow (wo)man, it’s difficult for me to write about myself (unless it’s about feet, feet, surcies, feet or my kids…)!  Having read just a VERY few posts in Bloglines, it seems a lot of folks are riding in my same boat–we’re decent people who try to think of others (often), then act according to the need of the moment.  That’s good, it’s the way things ought to be.  When I summarize the Bible down to four words, "Lovin’ God, lovin’ others"–helping others out with no expectation of thanks or reciprocity–I see this in action. 

It’s a good thing.  No, it’s a GREAT thing :).

To keep this short (and maybe more f.u.n. than if I toldja what I’d been up to good-deed wise), I’m gonna complete ONE of the memes/tags that’s waiting in my queue (gosh, I think I’m up to half a dozen or more??).

PayitforwardPay it forward.
  A few weeks ago, Chris (Ms Cellania), picked up something she had seen at Nikki’s, the offer of rewarding the first three commentors on her PIF post a homemade gift.  I was one of her first three.  The tag concept is based on the movie "Pay it Forward", which is based on the book written by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

So, for the first three commentors here (who ALSO email their snailmail address to me!), I’ll send a handmade gift to you; you must also agree to "pay it forward" by making the same
promise on your blog".

And if you aren’t one of my first three commentors?  I still have a contest going on and NO ONE has come close to the correct answer…but the guesses have tickled my funny bone like a chartreuse feathered boa!  The contest is open until someone guesses correctly (how ’bout a nother "good deed", I’ll give a clue:  I cropped the picture so you can’t see the bottom of this object…if you saw that, you’d KNOW what it is!).

Chopchop!  After you make a guess, hop over to Nikki’s to see the rest of Fun Monday’s official good deed doers!

* Thanks to Fun Monday newcomer, Karen, for the new FM graphic!  Isn’t it the funnest evah? 🙂

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