The names fit, don’t you think?


Ultimately, it was Stephen’s decision…they are his babies, after all.


Personally, I think at least one of them should’ve been named "Poopsie" because rabbits are prolific at poppin’ out more than just tons o’ bunnies, no photo necessary (really, truly, let’s agree to draw the line at bunny bodily functions, k?  I’ve already seen enough animal scat in the b-sphere to last me a lifetime…I’m just saying….).


They wake up more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than MY babies. 

Stephen laughed at some of your suggestions (Lionel, Wallace and Gromet, and Black Jack), looked puzzled at others (Vinegar (me, too, but it still made me smile), Hitam (loved the explanation)), and considered at least one other (Dusty).  I liked Hamilton and Snicket, perhaps because they don’t readily come to mind when naming rabbits.   He loved that readers actually offered more than a few suggestions (me, too–THANKS!).

Wow, three bunny posts in a row…I PROMISE this is the last one of the year, and I’ll get back to regularly scheduled programming soon. 

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