Last night I slept over eight hours in a row, back to back, uninterrupted, without waking up, all through the night.  I wish I could be even more emphatic, loquacious, supernumerary, redundant.

Only those of you who’ve struggled with sleep deprivation can fully appreciate that ridiculous opening sentence. 

When I was pregnant, my sleep was interrupted from babies squashing my bladder; after I gave birth, well, when they didn’t sleep, neither did I.  And for some reason when we moved to Tennessee 4 1/2 years ago, I quit sleeping soundly (I wonder if it’s coincidence that’s also when I crossed the "40" threshold….).

Before last night, I couldn’t tell you the last time I slept more than 5 hours uninterrupted.

So…this morning…I’m refreshed…I’m cheerful…I FEEL GOOD!  And, strangely, I’m inspired to write a show tune; okay, make that RE-WRITE a show tune.  Please, to the soundtrack of Oliver’s "Food, Glorious Food", SING WITH ME!!

Sleep, glorious sleep!
How?  Uninterrupted.
Miss it and I weep
Temper, it’s erupted.
Sandman cruelly skips my bed
Leaves me tossing and turning
Lying, now, awake instead
Sweet dreams, I am yearning.

Sleep, glorious sleep!
I’m anxious to do this–
Not hearing a peep,
Sounds to me like true bliss.

Eight hours’ slumber in a row
Silent, solid and deep–
Oh, sleep,
Wonderful sleep!
Marvelous sleep!!
Glorious sleep!!!

And all the people said…"AAA-men!"

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