**Revised** Okay, so I re-read these later and decided it wasn’t that they were so "bad"…the words just didn’t come easily.  Usually verse comes without much effort–I find myself penning what has somehow already been written in my mind (that probably doesn’t make sense).  These, I had to work for, which was frustrating, and I guess I thought that made them "unworthy".  The funny/ironic thing is, I couldn’t just toss them, ya know?  It would’ve been like slamming the door in the face of a new friend….  Anyway, for those of you who offered kind comments…thank you :).

‘m afraid this week’s "15 Words…" photograph stumped me.  Typically wh15_words_or_less_poems_buttonen I pull up Laura’s page and view her picture for the week, multiple poems begin writing themselves in my mind, and I just have to reach into my pensieve and jot them down. 

Today…it was a "reach" alright, but not in the good sense :/.  I probably should’ve just skipped it, but the thought of that left me feeling defeated, and daggum it, I wasn’t going to let THAT happen.  So…below are my offerings.  If you’ve been hesitant to write poetry in the past, yet a quiet desire persists, these should give you some sort of motivation in a convoluted way.

Please note my use of a few unusual words to distract you.  I think it’s a gift.



Frozen beauty
Winter’s duty
Icy descent
Soon liquescent

…hardened, but breakable
…cold, yet meltable
…potentially wicked
A metaphor of my heart.

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