I woke up thinking lyrically this morning and that mood has clung to my side all day tighter than the body paint on a Sports Illustrated "swimsuit" model.  Then I remembered it was Thursday and time to write a few "15 Words or Less" poems before Pensieve’s Poetic License swings into full gear with all things limerick tomorrow.  Please…do make plans to pop in, or better yet, write a few yourself!

Here’s Laura’s photo du jour, and gosh…once again, the simple and the ordinary inspire me to new heights…well, at least tongue in cheekly ;).



In the Land of Make Believe

Swing high,

Sweet chariot

Carry me to places

Not home.


(And you KNOW these are like Lay’s Potato Chips to me…I can NEVER eat just one!)


At the line

Where life meets mystery,

With eyes wide shut,



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