Is there anyone in America (the world?  Mars??) who doesn’t know what these are attached to?  I can’t imagine.  The Golden Arches are a slice of Americana (albeit a deep-fried, salty, heart-attack-waiting slice…).

"Idol" is defined as an object worshiped or an object of extreme devotion.  Dieting in our country has become a $65 BILLION industry; with over 60% of Americans suffering from obesity or overweight, it’s clear food is worshiped and we’re devoted to our appetites.  I guess when Ray Kroc said, "We take the hamburger business more seriously than anyone else" he meant it.  Doubtful he could’ve anticipated the repercussions….

Number four in my series for Project Yellow.

Project Yellow

Day 1:  Retro-funkiness meet common lamp
Day 2:  Egg cartons are pretty?
Day 3:  Butterflies & Bees (perhaps the best series I’ve ever captured)

Please be sure to visit Anna Carson for more project participants!

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