An Ode to Corn on the Cob

Slathered in butter, Sprinkled with salt
Rows of sweet kernals, Each one I exalt.

Is it veg’table, grain or a fruit?
Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a hoot!


Sometimes a 40-word limit is welcome, other times it’s frustrating.  I’m afraid my love of corn has me waxing insanely poetic, and this might just be the beginning of a 40-stanza epic. 

I’m not sure ANYONE will be joining me for Friday’s 40-or-less Photo Challenge this week, I believe the operative words in the preceding paragraph–"me…insane…" might explain it.  But, IF you’ve written a little something for this week’s edition, please…link below!  I’ll be right over to see if you share my same affections.  Then I’ll invite you over for lunch.  The menu?  Corn burgers, corn casserole, fried corn, corn poppers, popped corn, creamed corn, corn soufflé, corn cakes, cornbread, and for dessert, corn pudding (is it me, or does it sound like I’m channeling Bubba Blue from "Forest Gump"?)

I’m kidding, just kidding!  OF COURSE there’s no such thing as corn burgers!

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