Free is good; free coffee is better; free coffee AND delicioso breakfast goodies?  Scrumpdillicious!

Little wonder about where I'll be trollin' today…!

{If "free" isn't good enough for ya, here's what Panera says about their new breakfast offerings.}

Discover breakfast at Panera Bread, where every detail matters.

Grilled Breakfast Sandwiches

grilled with eggs freshly cracked this morning, a slice of Vermont
white cheddar and freshly baked Ciabatta bread. Enjoy it with your
choice of Applewood-smoked bacon or all-natural sausage.

Breakfast Sandwich
Granola Parfait

by our head baker to give his five-year-old daughter something
wholesome and delicious, our Granola Parfait has the perfect
combination of toasted oats, pecans, honey, maple syrup and brown
sugar. Then it’s topped with Stonyfield Farm® organic, low-fat vanilla yogurt and ripe strawberries. Try it and you’ll see why our head baker’s daughter loves it so much.

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