6a00d8341d0e2c53ef0120a4c925ce970b-320wi A thousand years ago, I was an active participant in Fun Monday; back then, I felt the need to visit, read and comment to every participant, and when it reached mid double digits in participation, I burned out and dropped out for the most part.  It was a great community for a long time and I always enjoyed crossing paths with a familiar group of people. 

This week one of my first blog friends is hosting.  I just published pictures that fit her theme "Show something from your garden", so I told her I'd join in.  It's not too late to add your offering to her list, and be sure to check out the history of Fun Monday–it might just be right up your alley!!


Yesterday I was weeding a flower bed when I reached for a clump of green that did not belong in "that spot" and I came finger-to-face with this little fella. In spite of the fact I'm a trillion times larger than he is…I still squealed like a banshee.

green grasshopper

Then, I promptly ran inside and grabbed my camera like any respectable blogger/photographer.


I think he's part chameleon, don't you? 


Fun Monday!

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