Riding my bike

One aspect I most appreciate about living in Tiny-Town-with-a-Castle, Germany is the ability to ride a bike everywhere.  Not the case in our hometown.  

There, it is required by law that motorists defer to cyclists.  Here, cyclists are often looked upon with scorn, particularly when they DARE to ride in the street, and heaven forbid if they're in front of you at a light!

I know…because I've had muttered a few words when someone on a bike dares to slow me down.

I'll return, soon, to my little German bike, where now with much warmer weather than before, I'm sure to get my tail into shape.

Hopefully the rest of me, too.  

(I saw Kelly's photo prompt this morning and immediately thought of this iPhone pic; not the best but it was taken after a morning spent with new friends, who discovered it was my birthday and celebrated with cake, flowers, chocolate and art therapy.  I imagine a birthday I'll always remember…!)

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