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As a writer for incourage and an affiliate for DaySpring, I sometimes learn about new product lines before they arrive online or in stores. I even got to join a team a while back for a few days of brainstorming to ideate new items for the Friendship on Purpose collection. My personal favorite idea was a “Giving Plate,” but apparently that was already invented a few times…. (clearly meaning I’m a late-to-the-party visionary).

DaySpring has recently launched a new line called Better Together, and above you’ll see a few items I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. “Better Together” can mean a lot of things, and a few wonderful writers have been penning their thoughts related to the theme over at incourage. That’s one thing I appreciate about DaySpring–their products’ value represents so much more than a “thing.”

Anyway, there are reasons why I chose the items above–

The world. Ever since we lived in Germany, I’ve truly believed it’s a small world after all. When I saw this piece of art, I had to have it as a reminder of where we’ve been and how we’re changed as a result.

Village Artisan Bangles. There’s a beautiful story behind these bracelets and I love how it’s empowering women (and men) to better their lives. Bonus? They’re even prettier than I imagined.  You’ll love the mixed metal.

Praise Him Wooden Clock.  We like having an analog clock around for when lightning strikes or the power goes out, and this one is a lovely addition to just about any decor.

DaySpring is allowing me to give three lucky readers one of these items! I’m offering three ways to enter:

  1. Subscribe to my blog and then leave a comment to this post letting me know which item you’d like to win. (Bonus if you read this post by my daughter or this one about what you need to do when approaching empty nest and leave a comment there. I play favorites. 🙂 Okay, not really, but I kinda loved those posts; between not writing the past four months because of and publishing them over the weekend, they could use a little extra attention.)
  2. Follow me on Instagram (@PensieveRobin), look for the graphic above, and leave a comment to the post (tag it #BetterTogether).
  3. Friend me on Facebook and leave a comment to this post with the graphic above.

Be sure to indicate which item you’d like to win (you must live in the continental US to be eligible). Deadline to enter is Friday, October 23rd at midnight.

Questions? Just ask in comments and I’ll reply as soon as I can!


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