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I love those “What! You too?” moments in a burgeoning friendship.


You can bond over deep thoughts and complicated ideology, sure, but don’t be so quick to discount the silly and superficial either. The genesis of my friendship with writer-friend Dawn Camp was over our shared affection for the same celebrity soulmate. We can thank George Clooney for introducing us.

Blogging has changed a lot a lot since those whacky “comment, give awards, and take quizzes” days, but I’m thankful to say Dawn and I have remained real life friends.

Dawn, a homeschooling mama to eight and a wonderful photographer, has just released her new book, The Gift of Friendship, a follow-up to The Beauty of Grace published early last year. A collaboration of over 40 authors, I’m thrilled to have a submission in the section Old Friends (p. 195). Many of the contributors have become real-life friends over the years, and I love hearing their “stories that celebrate the beauty of shared moments.”

If you’re looking for an affordable gift for a special friend in your life, I hope you’ll support Dawn (and her contributing authors) by picking up a copy at your local bookstore or ordering online today. The official release date is February 16th, but they’re already showing up!

Buy it from Amazon.

Buy it on sale from DaySpring (and while you’re there, be among the first to discover their FANTASTIC new arrivals–featuring an incredible Illustrated Faith line and some of my new favorite things!)


The Gift of Friendship - Quote by Robin Dance



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