…might be a cup or a mug or a high ball or tumbler or goblet. 

Willowtree is host for this week’s Fun Monday and for the theme, let’s hear from him: 

"I would like to see your favourite Coffee Mug. But wait
there’s more, I’d also like to see your favourite glasses for a) non
alcoholic drinks and b) alcoholic drinks. If you want extra credit you
could also post your favourite plate. Note I said favourite, not best."

Although there’s just over an hour left in the day, it’s still Monday (in these parts)…so I’m posting a few pictures. 

Let’s begin with how my day starts…coffee :).  Here are my two favorite mugs, both gifts from Tad.  The "Shhhh, I’m reading" is from this past Christmas (you may have already seen it before) and the rooster mug was a cercie from Tad and Rachel’s trip out west last summer (you might’ve seen it a while back, too).

The wine glass on the left is one of a pair Tad and I picked up on our weekend getaway to Atlanta a few months ago; it’s a Riedel (pronounced to rhyme with beetle), and maybe it’s all in my mind, but drinking out of a "good" glass did make a difference.  This is one of their generic red wine glasses; if you tool around their site, you’ll realize they’re very serious about their craft.  For the people at Riedel, glassware is an art to be perfected.   


The glass on the right I included because it’s the crystal I chose when we were engaged.  I didn’t want cut crystal and this matched our china perfectly.  It’s so plain and simple, I’ve never gotten tired of it.


Speaking of wedding crystal, here’s the cup and saucer from our china; this set was my mother’s and I’m thankful for her taste a thousand years ago.  I LOVE drinking out of these, don’t do it often enough, but every time I do, I think of her…and in a sense, she joins me in the moment (usually a time of celebrating "life" with those we love 🙂 ).   

If I’m drinking something "adult", my favorite glass is the purple martini glass on the left.  Heck, it looks like a party when it’s EMPTY…and when it’s full…well, that’s a good thing…a very good thing!Dscn1229_2   I photographed them at a funky angle to emulate "tipsy"…me, being artsy, lol (trying to jazz this post up a bit sense I’ve done NOTHING original with it….).
This is one of a set of four, which is now a set of three because one got broken.  Each stem is a different color. 

The silver goblets on the right we’ve rarely used.  They’re probably one of the most generous gifts we’ve ever received, from a near stranger!  When Tad worked as business manager for our children’s former school for a few years, a parent asked him if I might like them.  She had picked them up from another country (can’t remember where now) and her husband had never like their ornate  design.  He brought home one for me to see if I approved (although he knew the answer in advance), and later came home with a dozen of the goblets and a dozen matching cordials.  I still shake my head in disbelief at this coup!

Last but not least, here’s what I drink out of more often than anything else (after coffee…).   Water.  I’ve tried to limit soft drinks…but sweet tea is still on the menu occasionally.  I’m from the South, it’s part of my DNA.  We do have glass glasses, but honestly…I always reach for the plastic.  This one is dripping dishwasher water because ALL of them were dirty…I’m convinced dirty dishes multiply at the speed of laundry. 

Okay, I’m done!  It has been "Monday" all.day.long, and in keeping with my day, I forgot to photograph a favorite plate.  Then again, I don’t really have one of those, anyway. 🙂

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