While I was skating around the blogosphere, I came across this at ysmarko’s–he’s always good for some über-cool bluff*.

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Here’s the original, taken by a stranger I lassoed while
fulfilling my tri-annual child-torture obligation (see #6).


(You can get your own here.)

Thought I’d add a few random thoughts in closing….

1)  My TGIF began with a series of frustrations:
    a)  Wireless wasn’t working…who knows why…using my PC aggravates my carpel tunnel so I much prefer my lappy these days…and I DESPISE WASTING TIME fooling around with the technical side of computer stuff.  In the end, it just decided to connect after all (after I re-booted a dozen times, checked the router connection, and other stuff I didn’t really understand but tried anyway).
Doodle laid out…again.  When he gets paid, he doesn’t come to work.  If I were his boss, I wouldn’t pay him til he’s done.  I think some "efficiencies" might be created then. All this means is that a motley crew of strange men will be visiting my home a little bit longer than any of us would’ve hoped…and one day in the hopefully near future, I will be able "to go" again. 
     c)  I decided to cook a gourmet breakfast make cinnamon toast this morning for my children.  After buttering, sugaring and cinnamoning the bread, I misjudged how long it takes to brown started a load of laundry, loaded the dishwasher, and returned a now clean bathroom rug to its resting place.  I swear it was less than a minute or two, but apparently that’s enough time to catch cinnamon toast on friggin’ FIRE! burn toast.  I threw it in the woods so the kitchen wouldn’t smell to high heaven, and started over with the last three remaining pieces of bread.  And get this–I almost burned it again!  This time, only the edges.  In a flurry, I turned off the oven, opened the door, reached for the pan…….and caught the supposedly fire-retardant oven mitt on fire!  Actually, its "flame" consisted of glowing embers, but still….I slung that mutha off as fast as I could. 

2)  Because I see a half full glass, my gracious and thankful response to the above after pouting for an audience of one was:
    a)  At least we HAVE a second computer and it was only temporary.
    b)  The other guys DID show up…and after they’re done, everything’s gonna look great, and they’re really nice guys, and I’m thankful my husband cares about this stuff and wants to invest in our home (even though it KILLS him that his work prevents him from doing a lot of this stuff ourselves….).
    c)  Our cupboards are full…we have more than enough food to eat.  There are people who would’ve gladly eaten the flaming toast (after the flames were doused).  Wince.

3)  In case you were wondering, I didn’t win this AND no one thinks I’m this, which kind of ticks me off ’cause I’ve seen some of my favorite guy bloggers tagged with it, and what’s up with THAT?! (interrobang).  But then I remember this (see #2) (especially Kristy’s sweet words) and I’m like, "Robin, want some cheese with that WHINE?!" and then I break into a chorus of "We Are the World" and suddenly I’m in love with EVERYBODY even the bloggers who STEAL my Pensieve image or don’t courtesy hattip when they use something of mine!

Oh, my word, I’ve got to include this video…I forgot how much I LOVE IT, truly, I do!!  This one has been viewed over A MILLION TIMES!  And it’s before Michael Jackson went all psycho-splastic- WTHeck was he thinking?-deconstructive on his face….I’m listening to Bob Dylan’s lines…and then Ray Charles and The Boss and in the seven minutes I’ve been listening, my whole day just took a turn for the good.

Thank God it’s Friday….I’m outta control………!

* blog + stuff = bluff

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