I like to car dance.

It's not like I set out to shake-my-groove-thang when I get in the car; it's more a subconscious respond to happy tunes jammin' on the radio (closet fellow car dancers HOLLA!).  

My heart spins merry to see someone else at a redlight having a dance-y moment!  I can't help but think we ARE the world….

My boys don't mind so much as long as none of their friends are riding along, but sometimes I forget The Rules.  Like the other day.  

Remember, I've been out of the country a few months, so songs that have been playing a while are new to me.  

So we're driving down the road and the youngest is channel surfing (MY HEART I love it when he and his friends break into song!) when he stops at one.  I'm barely paying attention, and without realizing it, I'm acting out the song–

"…the way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed…" and I flip my hair.  

Stephen picks up on this immediately and I'm thinking he's laughing AT me when he informs the back seat, "My mom just flipped her hair…." 

but instead of responding to him I demand, "WHO'S SINGING THIS SONG?  I LOVE IT!" and he can't remember their name.

Beyond the flipping the hair line I miss most of the lyrics, but I can't help but catch the tune, 'cause, you know, it's catchy.

* * * * * * *

Same day, I'm talking to the older brother about their sister.  I say, "She has no idea she's beautiful SHE HAS NO IDEA HOW BEAUTIFUL SHE IS!" and he says, "You just quoted the lyrics from a song almost word for word.

I'm like What song? and he educates me about the boy band phenom One Direction.

So I do what you do at time like this and I searched You Tube and clicked the first response What Makes You Beautiful…99,490,681 page views, people.  

Understandably, my Hip Mom card has been revoked.

My philosophy is better late than never to the party, so if you haven't heard of One Direction, I am both happy to introduce you and give you reason to Happy Dance today; while driving in your car is optional. 

Enjoy ~

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