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It’s as good a reason as ANY to have a party!



Posted by on Oct 12, 2009 | 11 comments

I'm hosting a party on Friday for one of the silliest reasons on the planet.

Once upon a time I would buy anything if it was on sale for at least 75% off.  With great enthusiasm I would justify rationalize explain to my husband "BUT-HONEY-LOOK-HOW-MUCH-MONEY-I-SAAAAVED!!!" while he would just shake his head and praise God that at least I wasn't a retail price binge shopper. 

I swear it was like a druggie getting a fix, the "high" directly proportional to the percentage off.  Once at the Hallmark store, I found decorative clay vases and urns for ONE CENT and flipped in-store cartwheels for HITTING THE MOTHER LODE while the employees–thrilled to get the blasted inventory OUT OF THEIR STORE AND INTO MY CAR and unconcerned it was probably some accounting glitch in their system (Why in the world would they sell ANYTHING for a single penny???)–assured me I wasn't doing anything "wrong" or peculiar by buying a dozen clay vessels.  

I got them home, put 'em in my "sale closet" smugly satisfied that Christmas shopping was done for a few people; though in mid-July I didn't even know who I'd give them to.  

That was inconsequential.

On another visit to the same Hallmark store, I hit the lottery again, this time with a 75% off jackpot. 


I found a dozen soup and sandwich trays reminiscent of blue and white delftware, marked down to $2.50!  Originally $10, I scooped up every one of them!  Imagining my future, I envisioned monthly get-togethers with my girlfriends just for the sake of using the darling plate-trays and soup mugs.  And,
s u r e, to enjoy my friends' company, too.

I've used them once in the decade-plus I've had them.  I'm sure that's a sin of some sort.

Sister-party Soooo…when my beloved blog sistah, Amber, began encouraging others to host a girlfriend party, the wheels started turning in my head.  She reminded me that nurturing friendship requires intent; I realized it had been a long, long time since I hosted a gathering in my home for "no reason" other than the sake of investing in others' lives.  Sowing friendship; reaping tenfold the same.  

While I love The Matrix the blogosphere and my imaginary friends the wonderful writers I've met in personand the ones I've yet met but whose blogs I adore–I realize it's way too easy to invest in those friendships at the expense of the women who will pick up my kids from school when I'm in a pinch, bring me dinner when I need it, or hug me when I need the touch of kindred soul.  And much more important, how will I know when they need a kind word or touch or dinner when they're too sick to get out of bed if I'm not in on-going relationship with them?

So, yes, on one hand I'm hosting a party on Friday for one of the silliest reasons on the planet:  to use my soup tray-plates & mugs.  But on that other hand?  It's to share life with special friends…just because it's passed time.  For both :).

YOUR TURN:  How are you investing in the lives of your friends?  How have your friends surprised or blessed you lately? 


Wanna host your own Sister Party?  Visit The Runamuck for details.

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Super dishes!



Posted by on Jan 31, 2009 | 30 comments

{Originally posted on 1/25/08.

I tried over half these recipes and if you're looking

for some FABULOUS Super Bowl Party dishes,

you've hit the mother lode!

Please add YOUR favorite recipes 'cause

I KNOW there are some GREAT ones NOT listed yet!}

Are you looking for some delicious Super Bowl recipes?   Some memorable dishes that will make your party, large or small?  Snacks, finger foods or entire spreads that satisfy your ravenous, Super Bowl appetite?  Well, then…just scroll down to the links below and I think you'll find plenty of what you're looking for. 

Feel free to add links to your own recipes or to others you've found on-line…then, whenever you're looking for the recipes, you'll know where to find them the next time!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *  


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BlogHop ’08…& YOU’RE INVITED!



Posted by on Jul 18, 2008 | 36 comments

When you think about it, in comparison to the millions of blogs in existence, only a few bloggers are able to attend BlogHer; those who are going just have bigger mouths large readerships good reason to write about it:

THEY’RE BLOGGERS, PEOPLE!  We ALL write about the minutia of our lives, and in a blogger’s life?  Meeting the people you read IN REAL LIFE is tantamount to a middle-aged hacker golfing in a foursome with Tiger and Phil and Vijay, or a highschool basketball standout playing with Michael Jordan, or ME COOKING DINNER WITH PAULA DEEN!!! 

So, for the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of the rest of us, we’ll continue blogging as usual without the concern of plane crashes or falling into an earthquake crevice or being run over by a wayward railcar or having to eat beans and rice for a month to make up for travel expense.  See?  All good things.

Oh, and one more thing…YOU’RE INVITED to a special cyber-party for those NOT attending BlogHer!  Simply write a party post and link it back tonight beginning at 10 p.m. EST (9:00 Central).

It’s your choice what to include, but I’d love to find some wonderful party recipes you might have; hopefully, you’ll be meeting some new bloggers, so a quick intro post might be good including a FEW links to your favorite archived posts; or maybe you’d like to offer "party favors" (aka a giveaway). 

A word of advice–the briefer your post, the better, ’cause that will allow you to visit a few more bloggy friends (note to self:  read, then re-read previous sentence!).

Karen at Simply…A Musing Blog and co-host of Behind the Blog radio show has set up a chat for us beginning at 10 p.m. EST (9:00 p.m. Central).  Just follow these easy directions:

1. Go to and sign
up for a free "listener account" by clicking on "Register" on
the top blue navigation bar and join in the conversation.

2. Once you’ve done that, you can find our chat tonight by typing in
and then once we’re live and on the air, you can click on the button that says,
"listen" and a new page will open up and you’ll see the chat

3. If you’d like to chat in the chat room, once you’ve clicked on the listen
button, you should see another button that says "chat live" and if
you click it, a new window will pop up and you’ll be in our chat room and ready
to chat.

Last but not least, please help spread the word!  Pick up the button and link the image back to my main page–write a post, Tweet it, Plurk It, Stumble it and Kirtsy it…with a party, I’m all about the more the merrier!  Mr. Linky will be up by 10 EST, earlier if I’m able :).

Have I left anything out?  Email or leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you when I’m able. 

Make friends.  Mix and mingle.  The party may start at 10:00 EST tonight, but I suspect it’ll last all weekend long 😉 :). 

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I had a secret…and now I get to TELL!!! Can you say BIG APPLE??



Posted by on Apr 15, 2008 | 21 comments

Wanna win a trip to New York City?

Wanna win an all-expenses paid trip to New York City valued around $4,500?!

Wanna win an all-expenses paid trip to New York City valued around $4,500, including round-trip airfair, three days and two nights in one of
Manhattan’s finest hotels, a personal meet and greet with one of my close, personal friends* who happens to be The Diva of Dish???

Well, then, what in the world are you waiting for?!  CLICK THIS TO ENTER!!

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I just decreased my own chances of winning.

S i g h…

Sometimes it ain’t about me at all ;).

P.S.  If you win, will you take me???  Please?

P.P.S.  Hey y’all…nevah mind what I had as the previous PPS–THANKS WITH ALL MY HEART TO ALL OF YOU who so kindly and thoughtfully entered either "Robin at PENSIEVE" or my URL in the referral blank for the "How’d you hear about the contest?" blank.  That blows all kinds of air up my skirt while simultaneously giving me the warm fuzzies, and lemme tell ya…not much feels bettah than THAT! 🙂

* "close, personal friend" perhaps better described as "imaginary close, personal friend" ;).

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Hey Y’all ~ It’s the ULTIMATE Blog Party :)



Posted by on Mar 7, 2008 | 148 comments

If you’re visiting PENSIEVE for the first time, I’m so grateful you included me in your blog hopping this week.  I’ve recently written about the origin of my blog title (if you don’t already understand the reference) and a quick way to get to know me is to read this.

Janice and Susan’s Ultimate Blog Party is fun, but it can be over- whelming; if you’re new to blogging a few tips might help make your week even more enjoyable.

  • Don’t wear yourself out the first day.
  • IMHO, it’s better to comment meaningfully rather than comment often <—YIKES!  I realized after writing that, it must not sound like I meant it…I’m just saying it’s nice if the author can tell you actually read the post and that you didn’t just comment to "get credit" (does that sound just as "bad"???)
  • Subscribe right away to those that make an appealing first impression–you won’t remember to "come back later".

I hope you’ll add PENSIEVE to your readers or subscribe via email; if you do this week, how ’bout letting me know.  You might just win a prize.

Speaking of prizes, I almost forgot!  How could I do THAT???!  There are tons of prizes to be won at the end of the party–my favorites include (cross my fingers, throw salt over my shoulder, rub my lucky rabbits’ foot, and since we have two rabbits, I have eight feet to rub…!):

Triple Metal Hoop Earrings from Two Belles & a Bead  (#147)
A set of cool daywear including a camisole and panties by Karen Neuburger (#109)
$25 gift card to Target, donated by Mommy Bytes (#117)
$20 Amazon Gift Certificate compliments of MommyDaddy Blog (#140)
$15 GC to Amazon from Mommy Cracked (#129)
$40 credit for blog design from RS Designs (#71)
Not too far behind these are a cool knitting bag from Crafty Mom (#136), a beautiful handmade silver cross necklace from Dandelion Dayz (#135).


Wow, there’s plenty of reason to join in this week’s fun!!


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One of our car convos and why I was “quiet” yesterday



Posted by on Feb 22, 2008 | 20 comments

My poems were written early yesterday because I knew after school drop off my day would spin out of control and blogging was not going to be a part of it.  I hosted a baby shower for a new friend in our Sunday School class Bible Fellowship last night, and my day was to be filled with little more than cooking and cleaning. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So on the way to school, my middle child uttered perhaps the STRANGEST thing that has ever flowed from his lips…if you’ve been reading PENSIEVE a while, you know that’s saying a lot (and you might want to skip this part if grossness grosses you out (even if it’s only words, it paints a disgusting picture).

T:  "You know what I think about doing when I get chill bumps all over?"

He pauses for effect.

T:  "I think about getting a knife and scraping them all off into a bowl…and EATING them…."

I’m gagging at the thought, but he’s not done and it gets even MORE disgusting….

T:  "…yeah, I think the same thing about people who have bad acne…I just wanna scrape it off into a bowl…"

Thank God, he didn’t wanna eat that, too! 

You know, I used to wish I could creep into the minds of my children to know their secret thoughts and unspoken dreams.  Thomas is curing that, revelation by revelation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So, back to the baby shower.  It was a "Sip & See", which is code for she’s already had the baby.  For weeknight things like this, I keep it simple, but simple still means preparation.  It was dessert only, not a full "shower spread", and I made my favorite recipes:  sour cream pound cake, strawberry creme puffs, fudge**, and butter mints.

Needless to say, between cookin’ and makin’ the above, then cleaning my house…I didn’t stop to use the bathroom yesterday.  At 6:53, seven minutes before guests were due to arrive, I finally changed clothes and brushed my teeth, and finished just in time to greet the first guest.

Then the second…

…and the third.

At 7:30, the guest of honor was not here; originally, I planned the shower for 7:30, so I thought maybe that time had stuck in her mind instead of the revised earlier time.  At 7:45, we were all a bit concerned–I envisioned her stuck in a ditch on the way to my house!–so I called her home.  She answered on the second ring.

"Hey (name not used to protect the innocent, although she was guilty and she doesn’t even read my blog)."


Me (laughing):  "It’s okay…I was just worried…"

Her:  "I’mOnMyWayOutTheDoorNowI’MSOOOOOSORRY!!!  I just forgot…if you knew my day…."

And I’m like, you don’t have to come, it’s okay, we’ll bring the party to you, yadayada, and she insisted on coming.

Ya know, in my pre-kids days I would’ve never understood how you could forget your own party….  Now?  (and this lady has four children)  I totally understand…it didn’t phase me or really surprise me that much.

And when all was said and done, we had a splendid evening :).

**Can someone tell me why mine always crumbles when I slice it???  It tastes GREAT, but it’s hard to get any "usable" squares out of it…am I cooking it too long?  It’s the Fantasy Fudge recipe off marshmallow cream.

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